The pieces below are free to download.
Please mind that ALL tracks are for your personal enjoyment only
and must not be used in any other productions!

Copyright and Courtesy of Bodo Hartwig (2007-2013).
All rights reserved.

soundtrack for a short film written and directed by Martin Lejeune

"Machinations" (2011)
episode soundtrack and end credits for Intrepid Productions

"Flat Footed Apocalypse" (2011)
soundtrack for a short film produced by Martin Lejeune

"One of our Own" (2010)
episode soundtrack and end credits for Intrepid/Hidden Frontier Productions

"Better the Devil" (2010)
music for a short film by Martin Lejeune

"Bach Meets Star Trek" (2010)
little fun piece featuring Jerry Goldsmith's famous Trek tunes

"Star Trek: Intrepid" (2009) - End Titles
watch/download episodes at Intrepid Productions
Arrangement of Dylan Feeney's famous Intrepid Theme

"Star Trek: Grissom" (2009-2014/ongoing) - Theme and Incidental Music
ongoing project for the audio drama series

"Adrift" (2009)
soundtrack for a short film produced Broken Biscuit Productions

"The Black Banner" (2009)
Original composition for the category Action/Adventure

"Diplomatic Relations" (2008) - Theme and Indicental Music
audio show produced by Frontline Productions

First Orchestra Pieces (2007)
selection from my first compositions for orchestra
Movement No. 2 is a sacred piece to me, marking my very jump start

"Blinken Sisters" (2008) - Level music
donation for the open source Blinken Sisters jump & run video game
It's an ongoing project, so there's probably more to come

"Abridged" (2007)
short piece for a short short

Themes from Star Trek: Intrepid and Star Trek: Odyssey (2007)
piano arrangements of original pieces by Dylan Feeney and Dex Craig

"Life is a Dream" / Tribute to Jerry G (2006)
for piano

"Befiehl du deine Wege" (1995) - Thema und Variationen
["O Sacred Head, Now Wounded" for strings]
audio file (2008) performed by the Vienna Strings with K2 on Cubase

pieces for choir

Geistliche Lieder und Motetten (2005)
für gemischten Chor (SATB)